Achillea n.1 Borghi – Burgener


The Achillea ring, is a delicate example fashioned out of PET plastic, gold and silver .
The bush-like nature of the Achillea flower lends itself to the creation of a striking ring like this, designed with multiple focus points. The effect of the recycled plastic materials is visible in the pastel pink and green hues. Every flower head is beautifully crafted with a gold button in the centre of each bud, perfectly placed in order to create a sense of rooted fragility. The collision of the natural world with the discarded man-made world is perfectly embodied in this beautiful piece and is a wonderful resurrection and celebration of these materials.


18 KT Rose gold - 925 Silver - Plastic

Our jewelry is handmade in our workshop, in Italy. Slight variations in carats and weight of gold are to be attributed to the uniqueness of each creation.

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Every piece of jewellery adds a touch of wonder, whatever your style. No rules, just a few little secrets on how to wear your jewelry in a free, personal and expressive way.

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Margherita Burgener creations can be found in selected jewelery shops and occasionally at prestigious international auction houses. They can also be purchased online, on the refined 1stDibs marketplace and in the BOUTIQUE section of our website.

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