The workshop is where Emanuela Burgener's refined vision and master goldsmiths’ creations come together to create beautiful works of art.

Emanuela Burgener


Creative Director

Emanuela Burgener is the creative heart and soul of our workshop. Her refined and modern sensibility gives life to magical pieces of jewelry that evoke memories, inspirations and emotions. Their beauty is timeless, expressive and seductive, designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

Custom-made jewellery


and metals

The city

of jewellery

of jewellery

Valenza is a small, pristine town where the culture of handmade goods, precise finishing, and a passion for goldsmithing still prevails. Today, as in the past, goldsmith workshops in Valenza continue to create works of art using age-old techniques too.


Dialogue with art

Dialogue with art

Dialogue with art

Dialogue with art

Dialogue with art

Natural affinities that tie us

to the world of art

High Jewellery

We like to think of our workshop as a place where artistic ideas and materials can be freely combined to create unexpected alchemies and unique pieces of jewelry. Artists with whom we have shared our journey. Enrica Borghi, Chicco Margaroli, Elisa Bertaglia and Giovanni Frangi to name a few.

High Jewellery

MB & Giovanni Frangi

MB & Enrica Borghi

MB & Chicco Margaroli

MB & Elisa Bertaglia

  • MB & Giovanni Frangi
  • MB & Enrica Borghi
  • MB & Chicco Margaroli
  • MB & Elisa Bertaglia
High Jewellery

Prizes and awards

  • Well Made

    The “Fondazione Cologni dei mestieri d’arte” community.

  • Sant'Eligio award

    Patron saint of goldsmiths. Awarded to companies that have made Valenza famous throughout the world.

  • Michelangelo Foundation

    Homo Faber Guide.

Shows and exhibitions

  • Italian Exhibition Group

    Piece of jewellery made for the Politecnico di Milano to a design by student Agostina Issoglio.

  • Milano XL

    The celebration of italian creativity in Milan’s “Salotto delle gioie”.

  • Jewellery Museum in Vicenza

    Jewellery and Symbol room – Cross in gold and gemstones.

  • Milan Triennale

    Brilliant! The future of Italian Jewellery – Blooming necklace.

  • Fondazione Cologni Mestieri d’Arte

    “Artigiano del cuore” (Artisans of the heart) finalists.

  • The Joy of Color

    Collective exhibition at the Ahenzhen Jewellery Museum.

Where to find

Our Jewellery

Find our Jewels

Margherita Burgener creations can be found in selected jewelery shops and occasionally at prestigious international auction houses. They can also be purchased online, on the refined 1stDibs marketplace and in the BOUTIQUE section of our website.

Find our Jewels

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